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Less Stress 4 More Project Success

A coaching membership for female project managers.

Elevate your power projects skills to lead your projects with more confidence and joy.

  1. Detangle Project Politics

  2. Elevate your Reputation

  3. Become Confident in Conflicts

Businesswoman Portrait
a stressed business woman

Do you feel stressed?

Exhausted, tired, unseen, frustrated?

Being a project manager can be very tough.


  • You are squeezed between stakeholder expectations.​

  • You are responsible to deliver and realise the business benefits.

  • Yet not everyone is working towards your project goal.​ You have conflicting interests to deal with.

Too many tasks, too little time - litte or no recognition for things that work. ​​

The consequence: you feel tired and exhausted. Maybe you don't feel like going for a run.

Maybe you are also tired at home with your partner and don't feel like being present at family gatherings.


The whole situation is affecting not only your professional life, but also your well-being and your private life. 

The Solution: is a coaching membership for women in project management.

It supports women in the transformation to becoming confident in conflicts and leading projects with more joy and ease.

The components are:

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • A proven success path on 5 power project skills

  • Monthly deep dive sessions

  • A supportive community 

  • Networkworking opportunities 

Designed by a project manager for busy project managers.

It will fit your schedule. 



A safe space for questions & support in weekly calls. 

You can ask any question without the fear of impacting your career or your project.

You can also train your situations in role plays, so that you are more confident in the real situation.

The calls are recorded and you will receive summaries and take-aways. If you cannot make it - you still learn from experiences of your fellow women.


Power Project Skills training in coffee-bite-sizes (video, audio or transcripts including workbooks, lists, examples,...) - however & whenever you like it.

Short Training Modules on:

  • Stakeholder & Business Case

  • Reputation Mgt.

  • Communication

  • Sharing Achievements

  • Conflicts & Change

You will elevate your competences step-by-step. Feel and see your progress!


A global community of respectful women. Networking, friendships & career opportunities.  

A Facebook Group for fast and

  1. instant support

  2. celebrations and

  3. job boards.

Meet the Founder

the founder Ines Kaps

Ines Kaps

Global Project & Transformation Management Expert

Hi, I am Ines. 

Years ago, I have cried in the toilet or at home, because I did not know, how to cope. 

I know the feelings of stress, pressure and exhaustion. I have been there.

Today, I am comfortable with managing any types of difficult projects, stakeholders or conflicts.

Let me share, what I have learned. Together with excellent experts from my network I will empower and support your transformation into an outstanding (project) leader.

I would love for you

to become easy with saying "no" and

comfortable with sharing your achievements!


  • Ines has been managing global projects in the pharmaceutical and engineering industry for 23 years
  • She has delivered over 200 projects and mastered the art of business benefit realisation, stakeholder and conflict management.
  • Ines is a serial entrepreneur, management consultant and board member. A best selling author of 2 books. (a 3rd one in the making) and an award winning speaker.

Education & Certifications:


  • Executive MBA, Henley Business School, | 2010 UK
    Dissertation: key success factors in patent commercialization strategies 

  • Magistra rer. soc. oec., Universität Klagenfurt, | 2002 Austria

  • Master of Arts, ESC Rennes, | 2000 France


2022     FIN Academy: Investing for business angels.

2020     1st place in the int. speaking competition, Munich. 

2019     WIN: negotiation masterclass

2018     CIPP/E certified information privacy professional Europe 

2017     PROSCI CMP change management practitioner

2015     PMI PMP project management professional

2015     AIIM ERM electronic records management master

2012     DVNLP Master

Christine K., CH

"Dear Ines
I would like to thank you for the incredible support and motivation which I received from you during the time working with you in consulting! You have such a fascinating and inspiring personality and I am very thankful for all the valuable inputs and feedbacks you gave me!"

Lenka Z., DK

"Ines is the embodiment of a trusted advisor; she will expertly paint the journey for the business and her clients value her integrity, her smarts and her holistic approach. I value Ines as a sounding board, and I look very much forward to working with her again in the future!"

Rachel C., UK

“She is a strong project leader and active team player who others actively seek out to be part of their team. I find her commitment, drive to succeed and her cultural adaptability hugely inspiring.”


Group Coaching



Deep Dives


International Experts


Supportive Community

Content Delivered in Multiple Formats
video, audio, text)

You choose.

Highly searchable.

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